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Easy Lavender Deodorizing Spray

Posted: June 25th, 2014

When I was a little girl, my Grandmother used to have an herb garden right next to her porch. I would always see her sitting in her rocking chair, by the garden when I arrived for a visit. My Grandmother had a huge section of Lavender in the garden, it was her favorite! I can still remember her saying, "Kelley, gently wipe your hand across the flower ends, then smell your hand for the beautiful scent of Lavender." A smile would come over my face, because my hand smelled so clean and refreshing! Ever since then I've loved the smell of Lavender! Later in life, I learned that Lavender has antibacterial properties which allow it to fight germs. So not only does it smell refreshing, it fights germs too!

When I started researching ways to clean my home without using chemicals, I came across several recipes that used Vodka. I had no idea the alcohol in vodka can kill odor causing bacteria and when it dries there is no scent.

So I decided to make a deodorizing spray with Lavender Essential Oil, Filtered Water and Vodka.

Here's the Recipe I Use:

3/4 cup of Vodka (Go to the Liquor Store and ask for the Cheapest Vodka they sell)

3/4 cup of Filtered Water

20 drops of Lavender Oil

Mix the ingredients into a spray bottle. Keep the spray bottle out of the sunlight.

**I use this spray as a air freshener and as a quick touch up bathroom cleaner. It really makes my faucet handles shine.

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