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My Theory of the Miracle Diet

Posted: June 30th, 2016

There have been a few questions and/or a theory on my mind the last few days, that has me in deep thought!

What if...the way to lose weight and maintain the same weight year after year was to simply live the way your ancestors did?

Our ancestors lived a tough but simple life. Their exercise program consisted of doing household chores, taking care of the children and working on the farm. They served real food, like fruits and vegetables from the garden or made homemade goodies from scratch.

Before the grocery store shelves were fully stocked with over 15 or more brands of cereal, boxed dinners, packaged cookies, was simple. Bread was purchased from a local bakery in town or made by hand at home every few days. A quick ride to the butcher or local farmer was how meat was on the family dinner table. Cakes, pies, cookies and other sweets were all made by hand, with simple ingredients found at the local corner market.

When packaged items began appearing at the grocery store, it was expensive. Our ancestors just didn't have the extra money to buy the latest quick fix gimmick. Money was cherished back then. It was kept to achieve a better life in the future.

Now most items we see on the grocery store shelves are packaged, processed, full of preservatives, artificial flavors and dyes. Corporations are marketing their products to convince people that buying convenience items is easier and faster than cooking from scratch. People who buy these items might think it makes their life easier but many are becoming overweight with health issues in the process.

But....How have I continued to maintain the same weight over the years? Could I actually be living the "Miracle Diet" that everyone has been searching for??

I'm not a nutritionist, a doctor or a weight loss coach, but....I have stayed the exact same weight for most of my life and I do not have health issues. There have only been a few times I was technically "Overweight". First, when I had my two kids and second, when we were going through a financial struggle. Both times I was consuming easy, processed food, that was inexpensive. Unlike others, who get up at the crack of dawn to workout or drink a meal replacement processed shake to lose weight, I was able to go back down to my same "before children weight" when I stopped buying the processed artificial food and started to go back to my regular eating habits.

I love to eat chicken, leafy greens, vegetables and fruits every single day. I do not consume red meat or pork. A portion for me at meal time is usually the size of my fist. I usually eat until I am full, not stuffed. I do have one major sweet tooth though. I love cakes, cookies and other sweets. This part always shocks people because when they look at me and they think I am lying. One reason I don't show my sweets on my hips like most people.....I only eat sweets if they are made from scratch and I don't over-indulge. I usually enjoy 1 slice of cake or 2 fresh, out of the oven homemade cookies. Enjoying from scratch food, is just how I was raised. If my family wanted something to eat people went into the kitchen to prepare it! It was that simple. When your taste buds are used to homemade foods, eating quick, processed items just doesn't taste good.

So I just wonder...Is my theory of the "Miracle Diet" true? Does eating healthy, eliminating all processed items, only eating real food from scratch, and doing simple exercise every single day really work?

I'm sure those who are in the market of selling weight loss products would say I'm wrong, but I just can't help think that my theory is true! There has to be a reason I've stayed the same weight year after year. A reason why I was able to drop the weight and have it stay off after having my kids. It can't be pure luck.

So...Consider this theory if you are interested in losing weight and don't have the budget to buy those "health drinks" that are on the market today. Who knows, this could be the affordable and healthy way to enjoy life to simply maintain a healthy weight just like our ancestors did in the past.

Let me know your thoughts about this theory. Email Kelley at