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There's a reason...I do what I do.

Posted: November 11th, 2016

I say this sentence so much when I'm at the store that honestly I should make a T-Shirt that says it! I'm either using coupons or using/building my store reward points to help keep my out of pocket low. The gasps from cashiers and/or people behind me can priceless! I'm sure they are either annoyed or very curious as to why I do what I do!

Everyday life is expensive! Between your monthly bills, your taxes and your weekly shopping it can literally feel like your money is being tossed out the window!

For my family, budgeting and saving money is just a way I can help keep us moving forward. Despite what some might think...I don't shop to just shop! What I do/buy today, affects my budget tomorrow and the next day. I have studied the sales cycles and I know when it's time to stock up and buy the items we need.

I understand fully what is being paid each month and how much money is brought in every month. Money gets put into our savings account weekly. Whether it's a percentage from our weekly check, cash from shopping during the week or coins from the bottom of my purse, it goes in every single week. That way if an unexpected situation comes up, we can pay without putting it on a credit card or asking others for help.

If we want a big ticket item, we look at our budget to see if we can afford to make such a purchase. If we can't, we move forward and put more money away so we can purchase the item in the future. There is very little we need right away. Sometimes. waiting to make a decision is a way for us to determine if we really want to purchase this big ticket item.

I've heard so many complaints...that saving money at the store is too time consuming. Yes, it takes a few extra minutes to get organized before I walk into the store, but it's not any more time than it takes someone to get organized to go to the gym. Everyone has certain priorities in life. Ours is saving what we can now, so we don't have to struggle later. We fully understand that life isn't about money, but unfortunately you need money to do things.

It's very easy to blame others....but, the only person responsible for your financial path is you! You can either do what you need to do to move forward and win with your money, or you can continue to live paycheck to paycheck, and wonder why you just can't get ahead.

The choice is yours.