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Happiness is a New Handbag for Less!

Posted: November 16th, 2016

Everyone has wants in their life. Items they don't necessarily need...but items that just make them.....well.....happy! I'm a little like Carrie Bradshaw, from Sex in the City. She loved buying shoes...but I love buying handbags!

You see....I've been "Collecting" handbags, as I like to call it, for years. My Gma introduced me to the handbag, a wonderful little stylish place to hold your favorite lipstick, mirror, gum, tic-tacs, pen, phone and of course..your wallet. My Gma always had a new bag when I went to visit. It was usually the first thing she would love to show me! My Gma said a new handbag, just made her feel happy! And she was right...a new handbag every once in awhile...does make you happy!

Back in May I purchased a $298 Michael Kors Hamilton East West Satchel for under $90 after coupons & Plenti Points. You can read more about that post here It was my dream bag, one that I was constantly staring at on the Macy's website. I was beyond excited when I walked out of the store, knowing I purchased my dream bag for an amazing deal!!

Before I purchased that satchel, I was actually trying to decide between two bags. You see, I went in for that satchel but when I was in the handbag department I saw another smaller Michael Kors satchel that I literally fell in love with. I didn't have enough or really need both handbags, so I went with the dream bag I originally went in to buy. The only problem....I've been thinking about that other satchel ever since.

When I was checking out in May, I remember the cashier mentioning that Macy's would have another Friend & Family Sale in the Fall. So I decided to build my Plenti Points, that way when the sale happened, I could grab that other satchel for a great deal.

I built my Plenti Points up to over $200.....I was ready to purchase the satchel. I kept waiting & waiting for that Friends & Family Sale, but it never happened. That satchel was never on sale.

So 2 weeks ago, an amazing deal appeared on a Kitchen Aid Professional Mixer. I've always wanted one, but never wanted to pay the price for one! Well, I just couldn't pass this deal up.....I decided to use my Plenti Points. I ended up buying a $430 Kitchen Aid Professional Mixer at Macy's for only $32 after Plenti Points, Macy's Sale, Coupon and Ebates! As you can imagine....I am again...beyond thrilled with my new mixer, that I never thought I would ever own!!

Well I was thrilled...until I received a flyer from Macy's stating their Friends & Family Sale would happen on Sunday November 13th! Ugh!!! Go Figure!! I knew that satchel would finally be on sale!! But...I knew I didn't have enough Plenti Points built up yet from using them 2 weeks prior. I kept thinking....How was I going to get that satchel??? was almost like a light bulb went off and my savings brain went into work mode! I know it sounds weird...but this is how I think now when I want something!

I took $100 cash from my Birthday and went to Rite Aid. Last week they were offering a gift card deal on Macy's Gift Cards. Buy $50, Get back 500 Plenti Points ($5). So I purchased two $50 gift cards and then I received $10 in Plenti Points.

Here's how I did the rest of the deal:

I shopped through Ebates Coupons and Cash Back first

Then I added the Michael Kors Ava Small Top Satchel to my cart - Retail $298, Extra 30% off dropped the bag to $187.60

I used $41.25 in Plenti Points and $100 in Macy's Gift Cards

Priced dropped to $62.77

I paid with PayPal since I had $53 from ibotta and SavingStar

So I ended up paying $9.77 out of pocket

Yesterday I received $5.63 from Ebates for my Macy's Purchase

Final Price: $4.14

WOWZA!!! I just love a good deal, don't you???

Now.....what should I save for next???