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Hearts from Heaven

Posted: February 14th, 2017

When I'm out & about with the kids we often play "Who can find a Hidden Mickey" (objects arranged like the Mickey Mouse Head). It's just a way to make every day life a little bit more fun! But this past year we started finding random hearts from objects as well as our hidden Mickey's. Some were very obvious, others you had to really look closely to see the heart.

Both of my Grandparents, passed away within a year of each other and the heartache I have is still something I feel every single day. We were really close, they were almost like another set of parents to me. Both of my kids also loved Gma Jean & Gpa Bob. I always loved that my kids were able to meet & have fun with their Great Grandparents.

To help ease my sadness, a friend told me to look for pennies when we were out & about. She said finding pennies are a simple sign from loved ones who have passed, letting us know they are thinking about us. She also told me to look out for random feathers, hummingbirds and cardinals on my bird feeder. These are all signs that our loved ones are thinking of us.

But, my friend never mentioned finding random hearts. The hearts we find always seem to appear when life is a little hectic. Almost a way of saying...Relax...I'm here.

For example, the heart made from the trees in the picture was found by my 6 year old. That particular day the kids had a day off of school from the sleet and ice. We always go outside to play on snow days. While we were outside, I was trying to clean off some of the trees because the ice and heavy snow were weighing them down. The branches were breaking, which made me upset since we live in a neighborhood and our trees were finally giving us the much needed privacy in our backyard. I walked over to these trees and was about to knock off the ice and my 6 year old yelled "Wait...Look....There's a Heart!" I stepped back to look and sure enough there was a heart. I snapped a quick picture, looked up at the sky and said "Hi, Gma & Gpa, Thank You...I needed that!"

Now, I'm not exactly sure what the random hearts mean, but they do help ease the pain and make life more relaxed after they appear. So I'm just going with it. We have now added Finding Random Hearts & Hidden Mickey's in our daily life. Both activities keep life less sad and more fun!

So if you happen to see a heart, shaped from random objects, a loved one from up above might just be saying Hello. :)