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MV Parent Blog Post

How We Save with Coins!!!  Posted: March 17th, 2014

I'm always looking for easy ways for my family to save money! Last year before our Disney trip I came across a very simple idea of using up your pennies and nickels when you pay for items, to help save money. We tried this method and ended up saving a few extra hundred dollars that we decided to use for souvenirs on our trip.

Here's What To Do:

1. Empty out your coin change slot in your wallet. Separate the quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. Now only put the pennies and nickels back into your wallet.

2. Put your other coins either in a separate container or together in a jar. At the end of the week you will roll your coins for the bank.

3. When you go to the store, the goal is to get rid of your pennies and nickels and try to get back quarters and dimes when you pay!

Example: If the total at the register was $10.27, I would hand the cashier $11.02 so I would get 75 cents back. Quarters are always the best to get back! You can save $10 faster with a quarter than with any other coin!

4. Each night, clean out your purse/pockets and put your quarters & dimes in the jar. If you need to refill your wallet with pennies and nickels.

5. On Friday, go to your Quarter & Dime Jar, roll the coins and deposit the money into your savings account.

Before you know it you will have saved about $10 to $15 extra a week for your savings account!

**Obviously, this isn't the only way to save money. It's just a method that works for us!