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The Produce Scale Helps You Stay Within Budget!!!   Posted: November 24th, 2014

Before I started using coupons and had a family budget, I never weighed one single item at the store! I would just go grab a bag of grapes, carrots, and bananas and put them in my cart! Every week I wondered why my out of pocket was so high at the register?

Then I figured out that simply using the scale for less than a minute, was a fabulous way to save money and stay within my weekly budget! It's the One Money Saving Tool in the Store that often gets overlooked!!

Did you know??

Some vegetables and fruits are heavier than others. Bagged produce and produce that is priced per item should be weighed before purchase.

Bagged Produce like 5lb bags of potatoes, 2 lb of bagged carrots, bagged apples & oranges should be weighed. You assume that when you pick up a 5 lb bag of potatoes that it would just be 5 lbs right? There have been several times while I've been shopping in Hannaford's and Price Chopper, that a 5lb bag of potatoes weighed more than 5lbs. It's a way better deal to grab the bag that weighs more, for the same price! Right?

Produce that is priced per item, like pineapples, lettuce, peppers, kiwi, lemons should also be weighed. Each piece of fruit or vegetable is not the same. You may find a heavier one for the same price and which in turn gives you more produce for your money!

Now...I have to be honest with you! You will probably get strange looks for #1 - Using the scale, because most people don't even know where it is in the store and #2 - Strange looks for weighing your bagged produce!

Just try & ignore the ones who may stare, they don't know the secret to saving, like you do!