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Item Out of Stock? Get a Raincheck!  Posted: June 25th, 2015

I don't know how you feel but it can be frustrating to go to a store on a Monday morning to find a shelf already empty. Ugh! This normally happens towards the end of the week, but now with more people using coupons stock is getting limited a lot sooner.

Thankfully, there's a simple solution, so you can still grab that Fabulous Deal!

If the item you are looking for is out of stock, you can still get the item on sale. Just go to the cashier and tell them you would like a Rain Check.

A Rain Check is piece of paper issued to you by the store stating the item you were interested in is out of stock and may be purchased at the sale price on a later date.

Some stores ask you how many you would like but others stores have a limit of how many you can get with a rain check. I would just ask how many you are allowed to have.

Rain Checks will only cover the sale price. Example: If an item is on sale with a reward/coupon (Like Walgreens or Rite Aid) your rain check will only be issued for the sale price not the reward/coupon back.

So don't panic if your grocery shopping day is on Friday and the shelf is empty. Just get a rain check and get the deal later!!