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MV Parent Blog Post

Produce Peelies = Great Way to Save!  Posted: March 15th, 2016

Sometimes produce can be pricey!!! That's why when I go to the store, I look for items with Peelie Coupons on the package!

Peelie Coupons are stuck right on the product and they are either from the manufacturer or they are from the store.

Store Peelie Coupons are on a product because it may be close to their use by date, the product may be discontinuing or the store is trying to phase out an older product to make room for a new one! Store Peelie Coupons can be stacked/used with another manufacturer coupon to save even more!

So whether you shop with or without coupons, you can still save on produce to help keep your family healthy and stay within your weekly budget!