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How We Save Money with $1 & $5 Bills  Posted: September 22nd, 2016

I will be honest! I probably love spending as much as I love saving money! I see so many great deals every single day, that sometimes it can be tough to look away! I know that saving money is very important for our future, so I've figured out, another easy way I can trick my mind and put money into savings each week.

Along with using up my pennies and nickels when I pay for items, now I only pay with $20's, $10's and I save my $1 & $5 bills. At the end of the week, before I go to the bank, I gather all the $1 & $5 bills I have collected throughout the week and put them into my savings account. My savings each week varies, depends on how many times I go shopping, but I've noticed that my savings account has really grown, just by adding this new method!

Here's What To Do:

1. If my total at the register is $6.41, I will give the cashier $10.01. The cashier will then give me back $3.60.

2. The 60 cents goes into my coin jar and the $3 goes into an envelope at home.

3. To stay organized and on track, I try to clean out my purse everyday. I gather all my coins and my $1 and $5 bills. Then each Friday, I roll coins and take the envelope with the $1 and $5 bills to the bank.

Before you know it you will have saved about $10 to $15 extra a week for your savings account! One week I was able to put in over $25!!

**Obviously, this isn't the only way to save money. It's just a method that is working for us!