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MV Parent Blog Post

Know the Coupon Lingo  Posted: October 27th, 2016

Ever wonder what I mean when I say Stacking?? Or when I say OYNP??

Here is a quick explanation of the "Coupon Lingo" you might read on one (several) of my posts!

STACKING - Is using multiple coupons on one item. Most stores like Price Chopper and Target allow you to use one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon.

BLINKIES - These are coupons that are in the small machines, usually in front of the product the coupon is for!

CATALINAS - These are the coupons that come out of a machine at checkout, separate from your receipt! These coupons are usually for items that you have purchased for in the past. Some coupons may also be for a new product similar to the products you have purchased in the past.

OYNP - This means On Your Next Purchase. These are coupons that come out of the Catalina Machine and can be used to lower the cost of your next purchase.

TEAR PADS - These are coupons that are hanging or in front of the product.

PEELIES - These are coupons that are right on the product.

BOGO - Means Buy One, Get One Free

P&G - Means Proctor & Gamble Coupon Insert

RP - Means Red Plum Coupon Insert

SS - Means Smart Source Insert