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Time to Put Money Into Savings!  Posted: December 16th, 2016

It's Time to Put Money Into Savings!

We are a one income family since I'm a stay at home mom. So that means I need to save as much money as I can when I shop for groceries and other gift items this holiday season. I put money into our saving account to help build our Emergency Fund and help pay for our fun trips to Disney World.

Each week, when I go grocery shopping I break my $20's & $10's. I go home and put the $1 and $5 bills from the change in a jar. On Friday, I clean out my purse, empty out the change in my truck and dump out our Disney Savings Jar. I get all the coins & dollars organized, so I can go to the bank to make a deposit!

This week I have $64 to go into savings this week.

Small Breakdown:

$45 - $5 Bills

$19 - $1 Bills

Most of what I put away will eventually turn into Disney Gift Cards. But the point is, it's in the bank and not around my house. Disney is my main goal at the moment and I can't reach that goal if I spend money on non-important items!