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MV Parent Blog Post

eCoupons - A New Way to Save Money!  Posted: February 5th, 2017

Every Sunday, while I have my morning coffee, I go through the store weekly ads. Then I take a few minutes and go to the store's website to load eCoupons.

eCoupons are electronic coupons you load to your store reward card. They are very similar to a printable coupon, but instead of printing the coupons, the eCoupon comes off of your store reward card at the register.

Some eCoupons can help you save immediately at the cash register and some put the savings into Paypal or Gift Card accounts.

Here are a few eCoupon websites I use:

Price Chopper eCoupons

Rite Aid Load to Card eCoupons

Walgreens eCoupons

SavingStar eCoupons

Dollar General Digital eCoupons

eCoupons are perfect for the Busy Parent who might not have the time to print & cut coupons. The savings will come off the store reward card or when they key in their phone number. Other savings will go into an account for a later use.

I personally enjoy eCoupons since it gives me one more way to grab a great deal. Most of the time our local coupon inserts don't include the valuable coupons others might find around the country. The majority of the time, the eCoupons are a higher value, which makes a store deal even better.

Less printing/clipping and still being able to save money at the store is definitely a win, win for this busy mom of two! :)