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Click Here To Find Out What Deals To Grab In January!  Posted: December 30th, 2017

One way to become smart about your money is know what a sale cycle is. Sale prices at the grocery store are on a rotation, called a sale cycle. Products go on sale at their lowest rock bottom price about three to four times a year! It's smart to know your store's sale cycle because this is what will save you money! Purchase items at their lowest price and then buy enough to last you until the next time it goes on sale.

There are certain items that only go on sale in January and unfortunately these particular sales won't be around again until next January. So it's very important to plan your budget, so you can stock up on these items and can buy enough to last you the next twelve months.

January is National Oatmeal Month

Since most New Year's Resolutions include losing weight or getting in shape, you will notice that more healthier and diet items on sale in this month! Oatmeal, Healthy Cereal, like Cheerios and Special K, Granola Bars, Diet Shakes, Lean Cuisine Meals and 100 Calorie Snack Packs.

You will also see sales on weight scales, fitness equipment, exercise videos and diet cookbooks.

Getting Organized is another resolution people begin to tackle in the month of January. You will see sales on storage bins, shelves, labels and other organization aids!

Around the middle of January you will begin to see items on sale for Super Bowl Sunday! This includes soda, chips, dips, cheese, crackers, sandwich items, pepperoni, etc.

Clearance Items To Look For:

Christmas items are still on clearance. Some stores have clearance marked between 70% to 90% off. This is the time to stock up on gift wrap, bows, stocking stuffers and other items to save money for the next holiday season!

You will also start to see some winter health items like cold medicine and vitamins go on clearance. Just make sure you check the expiration date before you purchase an item.

Be a SMART Shopper!!!

Be on the look out for coupons or sales on items in what I mentioned above. Not only is it smart to purchase items when the prices are at their lowest and it's even smarter to purchase those items with a coupon!!