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Spring Cleaning

Posted: March 24th, 2014

Even though it's still cold outside and there is snow on the ground, it's the end of March and that means it's time for me to start Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning in my house isn't just about cleaning, it's about clearing out and getting prepared for the Spring & Summer season! I go through all the cabinets and closets to see what may be expired and what needs to be re-stocked.

Soon we will start to see sales at our favorite stores and coupons for Sun Care, First Aid and Allergy Items. We may even begin to see some clearance on Cough & Cold as we get closer to May & June.

So, I always start my Spring Cleaning with my Hall Closet. This is where I keep most of my pain relievers, first aid, shampoo, conditioner, sun tan lotion, etc. I take everything out and clean the shelves with a light cleaner spray. Before I put items back in the closet, I always check the expiration date. After everything is put back, I make a note of what I have and what I will need. I keep the paper of what I need inside coupon binder so I know what coupons/sales I need to look for.

***One way I stay organized in my hall closet is by keeping the little items in an Over The Door Clear Organizer

Little items, such as chapstick or bandages tend to get lost on the shelves. So this works out great because I can just open the door and grab what I need.

Once everything is cleaned & put away in the hall closet, I move to the bathrooms. I pull everything out and clean in all the cabinets, just like I do with the hall closet. I make sure the toothpaste, toothbrushes, tissue boxes, bathroom cups, bath tissue are well stocked. I look over all the towels, washcloths and beach towels to make sure there are no holes or signs of wear. If anything needs to be replaced, I make a note and put it with my coupon binder.

Staying organized in every room, is one way my family saves money. Now I will be prepared and only purchase what is needed for the upcoming season. Instead of guessing or overbuying items we already have during a sale.