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My Life as a Mom

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Make Your Own All Purpose Cleaner to Save $$$

Cinnamon Scones - My Absolute Favorite Breakfast/Brunch Item

Teacher Gifts - It's the Thought that Counts, Not the Price Tag

Disney Food - A Way to Ease the Pain In-Between Trips!

Vintage Decorating - A Great Way to Start a Conversation

Hearts from Heaven

There's a reason...I do what I do.

Boscov's - Prices So Low, You Don't Need a Coupon!

Cleaning Out the Clutter!

It's Friday! Time to Clean Out Your Bag!!

Simple Ways I Save on Clothing & Other Items for My Home

My Cleaning Ritual Before a Little Getaway!

Monday is Our Catch Up Day!

My Theory of the Miracle Diet

Front Porch for Less

From Mom Funk to My Own Personal Style!

March 2016 is MV Parent's 9th Anniversary!

Old Fashioned Ways of Maintaining Weight Without Going Broke!

Elderberry Extract - Great Immune Booster!!

Making Life A Little Easier & Less Stressful

Easy Lavender Deodorizing Spray

Chemical Free Oven Cleaner - That Really Works!!!

Cleaning the Microwave with Water & Vinegar!!

Vanilla Coconut Salt Sugar Scrub Recipe

Spring Cleaning

Disclosure Policy