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"As a busy mom of two toddlers and an infant and lifetime resident of the Mohawk Valley I am thrilled to have found MVParent! This e-zine is an excellent resource for anyone trying to enrich their children. I've found activities, tips and resources regarding my hometown that I never knew existed. Thank you so much for all of the hard work that is put into this wonderful project. It truly is beneficial to those of us attempting to raise social, well-rounded and disciplined children."
J. Vetter

"Hi Kelley! Your web-site is OUTSTANDING! What a positive contribution to our community! I gave about 7 of your eye-catching magnets to my daughter, Kelly M., who works at Gilroy-Kernan & Gilroy Insurance. There are quite a few young parents who work there. I know ALL the folks at GKG will enjoy MV Parent Online. God bless your mission!"
D. Golowski, Utica

"I am so excited to have found! It's wonderful to have one go-to place for family fun, activities and events in the area. The articles, recipes and tips are also great to have all in one easy to use resource. As a mom-on-the-go, having all of this information one one web site saves me the time of checking three different papers and online elsewhere. Thanks for creating this site!"
A. Spadea, Utica

"MV Parent is a true asset for anyone with children living in the Mohawk Valley. Parents, grandparents, and caregivers all benefit from this invaluable resource, which provides info. on things to do, places to go, craft projects and other everyday parental topics. We are lucky to have such a valuable source of information!"
M. Tuttle, New Hartford

"I am always impressed with MVParent's ability to keep me up to date with the current happenings around town for my family. I am also pleasantly surprised each time I log on and find a new advertisement for a place or service I didn't know existed, but would benefit greatly. Thanks for providing such great information."
K. Getman, Clark Mills

"We homeschool our two youngest children and are always looking for fun and interesting places to visit and events happening in our local area. MV Parent has become a household resource for us to find such events and places. Thank you for what you are doing, and we wish you all the best!"
C. Mills, Lee Center

"I am very impressed with MV Parent! As an aunt of 8 nieces and nephews, (and a 9th on the way) 7 of them live in the Mohawk Valley, and I live in Syracuse. Their ages rage between 11 months and 15 years old so the feature of searching by age is very helpful.
Now because of MV Parent, I can check out what is going on in that area, get the details, come and pick them up, and enjoy a fun activity, or day together!
This website is not only helpful to those living in the Mohawk Valley, but those like me who have family in that area and don't know what's going on, now I am well informed!"

J. Clance, Syracuse, NY

"MV Parent is looking great! Thanks for the info. Keep up the good work."
B. Giambrone, New Hartford

"I got your guide at The Village Basement Shoppe, it is something really nice that you do... full of info and things to do. I wish you the best and look forward to your next issue!"
K. Acee, Utica

"MV Parent has made things so much easier. Now I know what is going on in the area, places to go with my daughter and events that are family friendly."
K. Walsh, Whitesboro

"I think the biggest shame is that there is not one place we can go and find all these things (programs, events, classes and so forth) for children and families. I can't express enough how wonderful it is that you saw something that needed doing and actually did it. I wish you the best of luck with expanding MV Parent."
L. DeCarlo, Whitesboro


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