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Savings Basics

Whether we like it or not, the news has reported that we are headed into yet another recession. During these tough economic times many people who never had to worry about how much they were spending are realizing quickly that they need to get serious about saving.

In Savings 101 I will show you how to save money at the grocery store, the bank, and almost anywhere you spend money. In the past few months I have learned how to combine sales, use coupons properly and take advantage of store rebates. By doing all of this I have saved my family over $1,000 a month and now get several items for less than a dollar or even free! The money I save weekly goes into an account for a family vacation. I am also able to donate even more to my favorite charities now that I coupon.

So, there is no reason why you should spend all of your hard earned money each week at the store. If I can save money so can you! I have taught several friends how to be smart with their money and now I want to share those basic steps with you!

Below you will find just a few tips on how you can start saving your money right now! Each month I will have an informative video on MV Parent explaining these tips and more.

  • Know your prices! Just because a store's flyer says items are on sale each week doesn't necessarily mean it's actually on sale. These prices could just be their regular price or maybe only a penny off. Saying some of the items are on sale is a marketing tool to get you to shop at their store.
  • Train yourself to only buy items that are on sale or if you have a coupon for a particular item. Everyone in my house knows if it's not on sale or I don't have a coupon for that item we don't buy it!
  • Save your receipts! Make a file and keep track of what you are spending and saving each month!
  • Use your Reusable Bags every time you shop! You will get money back for every bag you use!
  • Bring back your bottles/cans every time you go to the grocery store. The bottle return slip is like a coupon.
  • Use the scale at the store! Did you know that not every 5lb bag of potatoes weighs 5 lbs? Some weigh more so you get more for your money!
  • Buy gift cards at Price Chopper. Get gas points for every $50 you spend.
  • Did you know that Dollar General accepts manufacturer coupons? I recently used a coupon during a sale and purchased a 32 oz. Welch's Grape Jelly for only 25 cents!
  • Coupon Policy - Every store has one. They are located on their website. Print it & have it with you when you shop in case you have a problem at the store.
  • Look at your store's pharmacy for great, sometimes high-value, money saving coupons.
  • Store sales run with the seasons. Example: Hot dogs, mustard, BBQ sauce and ketchup is always on sale between Memorial Day and 4th of July.
  • When printing coupons be sure your hit your back button after the first coupon prints. You are allowed 2 coupon prints per computer.
  • Write a grocery list every week and buy only what is on your list.
  • Did you know that you can load E-coupons onto your Price Chopper card? Visit Price Chopper's website to see how.
  • When you walk into Price Chopper be sure to scan your Price Chopper card at the I-Save machine. The machine is usually located right inside the door. Store coupons will then be printed out for you to use that week.
  • Pay attention when your coupons scan at the register. Some cashiers don't notice when a coupon doesn't scan, it's your job to pay attention. Remember it's your money.
  • Check the dates when you are buying items off the shelves. If you find an item that is expired bring it to Customer Service. If you happen to purchase something and it was expired when you purchased it bring it back to customer service. They will not only refund your money but double the price of the refund.
  • Be smart about your money! Pay attention & find out what fees you are being charged on all of your bills & accounts!