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Price Chopper's Coupon Booklet - Ways to Get on the Mailing List  Posted: January 26th, 2017

Look what arrived in my mail today!

Another great coupon booklet full of Price Chopper Store Coupons! The coupons inside the booklet can be used (stacked) with One Manufacturer Coupon to increase your savings. Coupons inside the booklet expire 3/11/17.

Now, I know several of you never get this valuable booklet. I'm still not 100% sure how to get on this coupon booklet mailing list.

I can only make a few suggestions on what might work to get your name on that list.

1. There is a survey at the bottom of your Price Chopper store receipt. Take 5 - 10 minutes and do the survey. They ask questions about your recent trip and give you the opportunity to say what you would like to change at the store you shop at.

2. Take advantage of the Price Chopper eCoupons that appear on their website. These eCoupons will be linked to your Advantage Card. When the cashier scans your card, your eCoupons will come off. These eCoupons are a way for Price Chopper to track who is using them and who is not.

Again, these are only suggestions, not a guarantee to get your name on the list. Up until a few years ago, I never received a booklet, but I personally did both of the suggestions above. Then all of sudden I started receiving a booklet every few months. So it's quite possible these might help get your name on the list.